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Three people participating in group meditation

Why Group Meditation?

  • Connection

    There’s no shortage of ‘communication’ these days, but how often do we really connect in a true sense with the people around us? When we experience the same silence as the people sitting next to us, we discover a sense of connectedness that is very powerful.

  • More powerful meditation experience

    The ‘ripple’ effect of meditating in groups can make the individual experience more profound and powerful for meditators.

  • Part of a community

    The connections and bonds we make with others while meditating can form the pathways for lasting friendship and unite us around a sense of common purpose.

  • The power of many

    Numerous studies show that a large group of people meditating together can have a measurable effect on the greater population and the world.

Building conscious, connected communities


  • Find group meditations near you.

    Whether you’re at home or travelling, Medimates makes it simple to find and join a group meditation near you.

  • It’s easy to start your own group meditation.

    In-app hosting tips and guided meditations makes it easy to start your own group meditation, even if you have never meditated before.

  • Find your Medimates.

    With Medimates you can find other meditators near you. Connect, chat and meet up with likeminded people.


Medimates is the brainchild of Matt Ringrose, the founder of Bondi Meditation Centre in Sydney Australia, and was conceived when Matt started running free sunrise group meditations on Bondi Beach. He soon came to understand the benefits people experienced when meditating in a group, as well as the social connections and community that followed.

Matt wants to empower others to easily set up their own group meditations. He believes that group meditation should be fun and that it is the perfect place for people to connect, become friends and build a supportive community.

Matt Ringrose

Join the growing community of Medimates

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